Many brass quintets sound similar due to the repertoire they choose.  When we think of brass quintets performing "new" or "original" music we don't often get an image of pieces that are written specifically with the audience in mind, or popular with the masses.  

The unique music that INNOVATA performs is not only audience friendly, it is the most popular music they present!  From their informative tidbits between peices, to their light-hearted banter - INNOVATA introduces audiences to music that has never been performed by other brass quintets. That's right, nowhere else can you hear the staple repertoire of INNOVATA!  Wonderful transcriptions from the Baroque to Dixieland are all part of an INNOVATA concert, but the original music that they present is second to none, and most importantly, their audiences love it!

Dr. Sanae Kanda has written a plethora of wonderful music exclusively for INNOVATA. The style that Dr. Kanda writes in is very much like a movie composer. Her pieces each have an individual character to them that distinguishes one from the next. Dr. Kanda's music is immensely popular with INNOVATA audiences. Listen to the audience's reaction by clicking HERE.


INNOVATA was born in late 1998 and has been heard throughout the Northeastern United States and Canada, in such major cities as New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Montreal, it's hometown - Boston, and in numerous towns in between.  Some performance highlights have been the Bar Harbor Music Festival - hailed by critics as "The proving grounds for young artists.", the Arcady Music Festival, Bay Chamber Concert, Music from Greensboro (VT), aboard the historic USS Constitution by invitation of the United States Navy, at PNC Park by invitation of the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team, on various public radio stations and at the famous Liederkranz Club in New York City.

Although INNOVATA's home is in Boston, Massachusetts - the people that make up the group are top talent from around the country. The musicians have performed around the world and have appeared with such renown organizations as the Boston Symphony, Chicago Symphony, Boston Pops, Boston Ballet, Key West Symphony, Springfield Symphony, the Jazz Composer's Alliance Orchestra and other world class ensembles in many genres. The wide range of experience that each person brings to the group compliments the versatile repertoire INNOVATA presents.

INNOVATA places special emphasis on education. All of the musicians have their own private music studios and/or hold college level teaching positions. Wherever they travel, INNOVATA always tries to make themselves available to young audiences.


Visit our multimedia section and listen for yourself what makes INNOVATA so unique!