Unlike many brass quintets that often select similar repertoires, INNOVATA stands out for its distinctive approach to music selection, particularly in the realm of "new" or "original" compositions. Traditionally, such pieces might not conjure an image of being audience-centric or broadly appealing. However, INNOVATA defies this norm by choosing music that resonates deeply with audiences, making it the most celebrated aspect of their performances.
INNOVATA's repertoire is not only tailored for audience enjoyment but also includes unique selections that are unheard of in other brass quintet performances. Their concerts feature exclusive pieces that are unavailable elsewhere, making their shows a unique experience. The ensemble skillfully blends informative commentary between pieces with light-hearted interaction, creating an engaging and educational atmosphere. Their concerts span a wide range of styles, from intricate Baroque transcriptions to lively Dixieland tunes. However, it's the original compositions that truly set INNOVATA apart – these pieces are unparalleled in their appeal and are consistently a hit with their audiences.

Dr. Sanae Kanda, a prolific composer, has crafted an extensive array of exceptional compositions exclusively for INNOVATA. Her compositional style is reminiscent of that of a film score composer, imbued with a distinctive flair that gives each piece a unique character. This individuality ensures that every composition stands out from the next, contributing significantly to the ensemble's repertoire. Dr. Kanda's creations have garnered immense popularity among INNOVATA's audiences, resonating deeply with listeners. To experience the audience's enthusiastic response to her music, one can click [HERE] to listen to recordings of live performances.


INNOVATA, established in late 1998, has garnered recognition across the Northeastern United States and Canada, gracing major urban centers like New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Montreal, and its base, Boston, along with various smaller locales. Notable performances include appearances at the prestigious Bar Harbor Music Festival, recognized by critics as a critical platform for emerging artists, the Arcady Music Festival, Bay Chamber Concert, and Music from Greensboro in Vermont. The ensemble's talent has also been showcased aboard the historic USS Constitution at the behest of the United States Navy, at PNC Park upon invitation from the Pittsburgh Pirates, on several public radio broadcasts, and at New York City's esteemed Liederkranz Club.
Based in Boston, Massachusetts, INNOVATA comprises a collective of elite musicians drawn from across the nation. These artists boast an impressive global performance record and affiliations with esteemed entities such as the Boston Symphony, Chicago Symphony, Boston Pops, Boston Ballet, Key West Symphony, Springfield Symphony, and the Jazz Composer's Alliance Orchestra, among others. This diverse array of experiences enriches the group's dynamic and multifaceted repertoire.


Education forms a cornerstone of INNOVATA's philosophy. Each member maintains a private music studio or holds a collegiate teaching position, underscoring their commitment to nurturing the next generation of musicians. True to this ethos, INNOVATA consistently engages with young audiences during their tours, emphasizing the importance of music education and outreach.

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