"Innovata Brass, a quintet of two trumpets, trombone, french horn, and tuba, is based in Boston, and has appeared at Musikfest before. This group has its own composer, Sandae Kanda, who also happens to be married to the quintet's quite remarkable tuba player. In the Wednesday Chamber Series concert, the quintet played a set of her music, which proved to be listenably tuneful, with a harmonic base in pop and movie music. I found her use of pulsating notes on the tuba in the piece called "On a Beautiful Winter Day" an effective and imaginative transition device between sections..."

The Morning Call
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

"Versatility and virtuosity are the words that best describe the work of the Innovata Brass.  Saturday night's concert was spectacular and moving, a journey into a wide variety of real music played by expert musicians who knew how to bring out the best."

The Lincoln County News
Damariscotta, Maine

"When Innovata played at the Scott Arboretum of Swarthmore College, they captivated the audience, kept them engaged, not only with their deep musical talent but also by playing a bit of something for everyone listening."

Melanie Blanford, Education Programs Coordinator
The Scott Arboretum of Swarthmore College
Swarthmore, Pennsylvania
"Right away, the range of this ensemble was apparent. Thanks to careful arrangements, the essence of each work came through very clearly without losing any power or emotion."

Bangor Daily News
Bangor, Maine

"This group from Boston immediately broke any ice between themselves and the audience by their humorous but informative banter between pieces and playful visual movements. This relaxed atmosphere helped make the music much more accessible to younger listeners without demeaning it's underlying beauty."

Hardwick Gazette
Hardwick, Vermont

"You have a class act that goes far beyond your excellent musicianship. Your rapport with the audience is second to none, clearly entertaining, teaching and delighting your audience."

Lauren J. Komack
Classical Music Committee
The Center for the Arts in Natick
Natick, Massachusetts

"Innovata Brass is a group of extremely talented, enthusiastic and diverse professionals who have a quality that sets them well above other performers in their genre."

Joseph C. Goode, Principal
Benton Senior High School
Benton, Pennsylvania

"Mike, you and your group were just great again this year. You are first class from start to finish."

Doug Dicey, Director
Parks and Recreation
Exeter, New Hampshire

"Innovata Brass provides an absolutely wonderful musical experience! They will surpass your expectations!"

Cheri Murray
Spring Point Festival
Portland, Maine

"The music was wonderful and the presentation, with just the right touch of humor, certainly held the audience throughout the performance!"

Thom Roach, Programming
Gore Place
Waltham, Massachusetts

"Innovata takes you on a wonderful musical journey, and you'll laugh all the way!"

Lawrence Arinello, Principal
Albert W. Lewis School
Everett, Massachusetts
"I was amazed to hear the level of technique and musicianship displayed by every member.  You have created a town of devoted INNOVATA fans who have already begun to spread the word about this talented group."

Kerrie Verrastro, Music Director
RHAM Middle School
Hebron, Connecticut

"Your energy and enthusiasm spread to the audience.  Thoughtful repertoire selection and terrific execution made for a great concert - one of our best ever.  Thanks."

Steve Parker
Parish of the Epiphany
Winchester, Massachusetts